Our Ideas Shape the Course of Our History

We are a team of adventurous and experienced medical professionals who strongly believe that the best businesses in any area demand responsibility and availability. We’ve been through more than 15 years of development, and we know how to help our customers get their regular prescription drugs exponentially cheaper than before.

Here Is How It Started

Trust Pharmacy brand started its development on the territory of its motherland in the 90s. The head office was established in Toronto. It was a small private business working in cooperation with one of the American healthcare institutions in Orlando, Florida. At this time, we had to learn how to stick to the American FDA rules and legislation to make sure we won’t harm anyone. We tried hard to avoid any disapproval from the government.

It was in 2013 when a group of enthusiasts decided to let everyone know that affordable medicine exists not only in Canada but on the territory of the United States as well. A team of pharmacists of all ages decided to establish their own online platform offering the habitual brand medications, as well as their generic options. Better health does not mean higher expenses. Now it’s 2019, and we’re ready to move into 2020, firmly believing in our potential.

Steps We Went Through

  1. The first thing we had to do is to get in touch and build professional relationships with manufacturers of pharmaceutical items and supplies. As soon as we mostly specialize in generic medications, we maintain stable contact with our Indian partners.
  2. The next step was to find the most reliable delivery company. Weve been through a lot of troubles, and the first years of our business developing in the United States were disappointing. The search for a reliable delivery company lasted for about three years until we managed to find a reliable delivery service. Now anyone has a chance to get the parcel within 20 days no matter how remote your home is.
  3. In the later years of our pharmaceutical business development, we’ve decided to create a system of personal promotions and discounts for clients who have to purchase a significant number of medications because of their chronic conditions. We understood that pills for chronic diseases, as well as maintenance drugs, should be cheaper and accessible for regular buyers.

Our Early Successes

Weve decided to arrange several surveys to understand what exact medicines the Americans need the most. It turned out that the most popular medications the Americans cannot afford are sexual health treatments. We have a vast range of brand and generic PE and ED medications available at very low prices. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, as well as their generic versions, have become out top products.

As soon as our development continued, more pharmaceutical products out of the general prescription list became popular:

  • Weight stabilization supplements;
  • Hair loss products;
  • Hygiene items.

In 2014 we were ready to face new challenges thanks to our rapid development. The feedback of the customers helped us enhance our activity and do what was right. We managed to attract thousands of people ready to become a part of our healthy family.

Challenges We Had to Face

Nevertheless, 2014 turned out to be one of the most challenging ones. The speedy growth of new online pharmacies led to the development of illegal drugstore on the internet. We faced numerous risks. The worst thing is that our business triggered the activity of online fraudsters, who became a serious threat to our regular users.

We had to take measures:

  • We protected our work via DMCA;
  • We hired several IT specialists;
  • We decided to get into outsourcing to make sure our website is accessible and safe from the invasion of fraudsters.

Outsourcing, combined with numerous measures for the enhancement of website security, helped us become the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and over the border. In the future, we’re planning to pay more attention to the satisfaction of our users.?Unfortunately, one of the most unstable things we still cannot regulate thoroughly is delivery. Its a distant service we try hard to get control of. In 2018 we finally managed to get hold of the prompt and regular delivery of life-saving medications anywhere you need.