Our Canadian Pharmacy is not only a place of happy people who get fast and resultative treatment of the most sensitive problems but a depositary of various solutions. Once a person contacts our team, we professionally find out the best approach, and then proceed with its implementation. The same concerns seekers who want to work with us. There is a designated program of benefits you may get if collaborating with our experts side by side.

Health and Welfare Plans

Most of the employers fully comply with the provision of medical coverage for their workers. From our side, we seize the dental, prescription, and vision health services. Our plans involve the Preferred Provider Organization option that may address both corporate and unincorporated coverages. Besides, there is a big choice of dedicated experts in the dental practice where our employees may turn to the preferred practitioner.

Healthcare Services Reimbursement

There is a convenient option for reimbursement of medical care expenses. Fund the accounts and let the payroll system automatically deduct the costs taken on a pre-tax basis.

Involve Domestic Partners

Employees who previously applied for a domestic partnership may expand the above-mentioned services on domestic partners including children.

Life Insurance

All our full-time workers are offered life insurance paid by the company. It concerns 3 x annual salary. If needed, it is also possible to provide employees spouses and children with extra voluntary life insurance.

Temporary Disability

Our company offers a paid Temporary Disability insurance with a possible upgrading it to a higher coverage level.

Long-Term Disability

The same applies to Long-Term Disability insurance again with an opportunity to upgrade its level.

Retirement Plans

We guarantee about 401 K savings plans through Fidelity. And, our workers may use $1 for $1 match up to 5% of salary/IRS maximums.

Other Advantages

  • Extra Days Off or Holidays

We regulate the vacation plans, moveable, and paid holidays determined by the company.

  • Assistance For Our Employees

Part-time and Full-time employees receive constant and confidential support and assistance from us 24/7. It may concern counseling matters or work-related issues.

  • Assistance in Travel Programs

All employees and their families may lot upon 24/7 medical, legal and other support and assistance in different matters while traveling or being abroad.