Understanding that our success largely depends on providing our people with a positive environment where they can strive is key; we understand that by making our employees a priority.

We work in an exciting and lively business which is also a demanding one. We fully believe that if we expect peoples continued energy and commitment at work, we must provide the right environment for that to happen.

Irmat aims to make working at our company an energizing and rewarding experience. We strive to make sure our people are positive and enthusiastic about what they are doing, with a clear sense of purpose and pride in their individual contribution to the company’s achievements.

This means providing effective leadership, open communication, great development opportunities, a safe and lively workplace, rewards and benefits and a strong corporate culture of equal opportunity.

Because our business is based on innovation, we support people to always be imaginative, to challenge each other and build on fresh insights to find new and more innovative ways of doing things. Be part of Irmat Pharmaceuticals, search our Job Opportunities now!